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Dog walking in Falmouth and surrounding areas

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Hello and welcome

I love dogs, Its not just the way they greet you with that big toothy grin and that wagging tail. They are always excited to go out with me and their friends.

I give them the care and respect they deserve and treat them as if they were my own.

Dogs have played a large part in my life since I was a child. Getting out and running in the fields with man's best friend is as rewarding now as it was then.

From personal experience of working long days, I realised there were many dogs left for long periods of time, (including my very own Jack Russell).

My aim with K9 Social is to relieve the pressure and worry on dog owners. Providing a high quality and reliable service to you and your dogs. Giving you peace of mind, knowing your dogs have had their daily exercise catered for.

K9 Social offers a varied service, from hourly walks to house sitting.

Feel free to browse this site and call me for any information or to book a visit.

Many thanks Emma

Dog walking


I will come and collect your dog in a van which is fitted with cages, this keeps the dogs safe, secure and under control at all times.

Your dog will walk, run and play with up to 4 other sociable dogs.

Daily walks cover the woods, beaches and fields at Rosemullion Head, Carwinnion and Degibna. Poldice Valley too, all these places give the dogs plenty of space to sniff, play and get their daily exercise.

All groups are carefully matched. The larger and more energetic dogs can bound around releasing all their excess energy. Whilst the smaller, quieter dogs can have a slower walk designed for their personal needs.

I avoid the use of treats and toys whilst out walking therefore eliminating the possibility of tension/competition between the dogs. They all have plenty of fun with each other and free running in the fields, its a pleasure to watch them.

Individual walks

These can be half an hour to one hour, whichever the owners prefer. This is a lead walk for the dog who is not so happy to run free in a group, either because they are shy or unfriendly. It is a little more expensive, but you have peace of mind knowing that your dog has had the necessary daily exercise he or she needs.

Full day care

I collect the dog in the morning and the dog stays with me all day, going on all of the group walks.

Home visits

Whether your away for a day or a week. A home visit ensures your pets receive their daily checks. Approx half an hour allows me to feed, water and medicate, clean bowls, change litter trays and have a cuddle or two.

Pet to vet

Pets collected from your home, taken to their vet appointment then returned.

Evening sitting

I spend the evening in your home supervising your pets whilst your out at dinner, a gig, party or the cinema. This gives your pets the usual evening company they are used to, allowing them access to the garden therefore keeping them out of mischief.

House sitting

This means life for your pets continues as normal. I live in your house just as you do. I go to work each day returning approx 5.30. A return visit at lunchtime is made to allow any dogs a toilet opportunity. Peace of mind when your on holiday means so much when you know all your pets are safe at home.


With extensive equestrian experience K9 Social covers daily duties as required, for your horses and your yard. This will include, feeding, grooming, mucking out, turning out, rugging up and more. I hold a HGV licence class 2, so if your ever in need a driver to transport your horses look no further.


K9 Social has specialised insurance with Cliverton Insurers. This covers your dogs out with me, in transit, at our home and when we house sit for you. This insurance extends to horses and more. Although we do recomend you have your own pet cover, this is entirely your choice.


Key collection/consultation - Free

Group walk 1 x dog £9 (Additional £1 travel fee for customers out of Falmouth/Penryn)
Second walk on same day is half price (9.15am - 2.30pm) & second dog from same address is half price.

Full day care 9.15am - 4.30pm £17

Boarding £22 per 24 hours reducing to £17.50 after 7 days (half price for second dog)

Please note: Dog walking is a Monday to Friday service (excluding: House sitting and Home visits). Bank holidays and New years day are time and a half. Christmas and Boxing day are double time

My Profile

Originally from Berkshire I moved to Cornwall in 1987, I immediately fell in love with this beautiful part of the country.

My two fabulous sons came along and I knew this would be the best place to raise a family.

My passion for Equestrian sports kept me in the countryside for many years, where dogs played a huge part in my life. Even though I do not compete I ride my horse regularly, keeping me fit.

For 12 years my profession as a driver kept me busy and I progressed quickly from vans to HGV. It is thrilling to drive large trucks but I certainly do not miss the 3am starts.

Pursuing this change of career has proved to be the best decision I made. Dogs are loyal, trusting, fun and uplifting, they keep me young, fit and very very happy.